SEPTEMBER 2019 Snippets from the Parish Council Meeting


As we draw to the end of this Parish Council’s year with the Annual Meeting on Sunday, 17th November, we have been looking at what has been an exciting year in some ways and a frustrating one in others.

As a parish, we have been blessed by the dedicated work of locum priests. They have enriched and revitalised our life in their ministry to us. We are very grateful to them for that.

The demise of the Ladies’ Guild has been a great loss to the Parish as the work done by the members of the Guild over so many years has been a cornerstone of Parish life.  This said, we recognise the need to broaden participation in the activities of the Parish.  This work is underway at the moment.

Gilli Bruce is refining the basic website produced by Justin Meadows of Evergreen Profit.  She presented Parish Council with an excellent report of her progress and points for us to clarify. Now, as we have someone who has volunteered to help look after the website and create/monitor a Facebook page, she needs Parish input. She has provided the following request: Please email Gilli Bruce or write to 4 High Street Mansfield, Vic 3722 about what you think is important to include in this media. Also please send her photographs of Church events – recent and historical.  See (except for the events page which isn’t finished yet.) Parish Council is grateful to Gilli for this valuable work.

The Diocese has indicated that we should be debt free before a permanent priest is appointed.  We have reached the point where we can make a payment of $8000 to the diocese which removes our debt altogether.  We plan to make a monthly direct debit payment to the Diocese of $4000 after clearing the debt towards the priest’s stipend and other expenses. It costs $8,500 per month with a full time priest to run our Parish so we need to continue finding ways to meet this cost.

The Parish fete on 19th October is an important day for the Parish in many ways.  It brings people together to enjoy the delights on offer and enjoy the company of friends and acquaintances.  Great support is shown by those who through their generous contributions, help beforehand and on the day make the fete a success.  Ann Herbert (03 5775 1689) and a team of volunteers is organising the fete this year.  Please contact her if you have contributions to make to any of the stalls: cakes, garden plants or gifts for the wheelbarrow raffle, treasures for home ware or the white elephant stall, craft, books, children’s toys.  Sheep manure will be available at the fete. Orders can be made through John Gilson (0417 582 982).  Any new ideas for stalls can be directed to Ann as well.  The wheelbarrow raffle tickets will be on sale in High Street on the following days: Friday, 4th. October, Friday, 11th October, Saturday, 12th October and Tuesday, 15th October.  Tickets will also be on sale at the fete.

A delicious casserole lunch was served in the Hall on 20th September to 50 members of the community.  Parish Council is very grateful for the work done by so many in providing delicious food and working behind the scenes on the day.

Another date to remember is 2nd of November, Bush Market day, when delicious Devonshire teas will be served at St John’s accompanied by a massive secondhand book sale. Book lovers, there are gems to be found amongst our collection.

Repairs to the fabric of the Churches of the Parish are ongoing during the month, including the replacement of the damaged cross on St John’s Church.

A reminder of the opportunity to exchange books through the Little Library outside St. John’s.

Finally we are conscious always of the need to up grade the Parish Roll.  Please contact John Gilson with any changes that you know should be made, particularly where email addresses can be added or changed.

Trish Gilson

Parish Council
28th Sept 2019