APRIL, 2019 – Snippets from the Parish Council Meeting at the Parish Hall.

As we approach the Easter ceremonies Parish Councillors spent time with Father Paul Dalzell discussing the meaning and structure of the days ahead.  Father Paul introduces the ceremonies with the following:  The three days from Maundy Thursday to Easter day are known as the ‘Great Three Days”.  From Palm Sunday on, we have been doing a ‘real time’ following of Jesus’ last week before the Resurrection. These last three days form one great piece in the church’s year. Normally we begin each act of worship with ‘The Lord be with you’ and end with ‘Go in peace to love and serve the Lord’.  These three days begin on Maundy Thursday with ‘The lord be with you’, but do not finish with ‘Go in peace to love and serve the Lord’ until Easter Day!

The first of the three services is Maundy Thursday when we re-enact the Last Supper and Jesus’ washing of the disciples’ feet. In some places there is a Watch of the Passion where the church becomes the Garden of Gethsemane and people come to watch with Jesus overnight.

Good Friday follows where we read the Passion of St. John, acknowledge the significance of the Cross, pray the Great Intercession with Jesus, our great High Priest, and receive communion from the reserved sacrament.

Then Easter Day, begins with the Ceremony of the New Fire and lighting of the Easter [Paschal] Candle, followed by the Vigil where we read the story of our salvation, then the renewal of our Baptismal vows and finally celebration of the first Eucharist of Easter.

Easter Services

Palm Sunday, 14th April9.30am Eucharist, Mansfield
11.30am Bonnie Doon
Maundy Thursday, 18th April6.00pm – 8.30pm Entended Eucharist Mansfield (includes evening meal)
Good Friday, 19th April9.00am Solemn Liturgy, Mansfield
11.00 am Oecumenical Stations of the Cross Highett Street (near Church), Mansfield
Easter Day, 20th April6.00am Easter Vigil (New Fire, First Easter With Fish and Champagne BBQ Mansfield
9.30am Festival Eucharist, Mansfield
8.00am Bonnie Doon Festival Eucharist led by UCA
Saturday, 20th April7.30pm Jamieson Festival Eucharist

We are very grateful to Pamela Dalgleish and Stuart Gray for providing us with such a wonderful venue for our Open Garden day on 7th April. The house, its setting, the inspiring garden, the speakers’ comments and afternoon tea made for a very interesting and relaxed afternoon. Father Paul thanked all those involved in the Open Garden day on Sunday, 7th April.  Special mention must be made of the contribution of June Mathieson who is not only involved in the organising of our Open Garden days but also the work on the Church garden and the plant stall at the fete. We thank her very much for the invaluable work that she does.  The Open Garden day raised $3176, which was wonderful.

There has been work done on the fabric of the Church and hall as has been reported in Snippets previously.  This continues.  The cleaning of the curtains in the hall and the carpet in the Church has been done.  There is a great deal of hospitality of many sorts provided from the kitchen of the hall, so a new refrigerator has been purchased to make this easier as the old one was no longer functioning well.

We wish you all the blessings of Easter and a safe and happy time.

Trish Gilson
Parish Councillor
13th April 2019