AUGUST 2019 — Snippets from the Parish Council Meeting held in the Parish Hall


To begin each meeting, members of Parish Council look back over the month and comment on what went well.  It was agreed that the delightful children’s service at the end of July deserved this accolade. Father Paul has been conducting these services on the last Sunday of each month.  The children of visiting families wholeheartedly joined other children much to the delight of all at the service.  The families then joined parishioners for morning tea and enjoyed our hospitality. The invitation to join this 9.30 am service each month is warmly extended to all in the community.

The August Parish Council meeting agenda included discussions around our forward planning. An Activity/Event Committee was proposed and considered.  Further work on this is to follow. The proposal is that such a committee would manage the calendar for each year and see that events proposed would fulfil the findings of the Strategic Plan.  More news on this and other proposed changes after our next Parish Council meeting.

Everyone is delighted that Gilli Bruce is to become the Electronic Media Manager.  Gilli has had considerable experience in this work.  This appointment has been warmly welcomed by all members of Parish Council. All acknowledge the importance of an effective, efficient media presence in the community.  Progress has been slow in the past in this area.  Gilli’s appointment is a great step forward.

While we still struggle to meet our financial commitment to the Diocese, we have reduced our debt substantially in the last month.  We face considerable challenges each month to raise the money required to meet the priest’s stipend and other expenses. We are always grateful for any constructive suggestions from the Anglican community on this matter.

We pray that everyone is safe and well during this cold winter.

Trish Gilson
Parish Councillor
16th August 2019