DECEMBER 2018 – Snippets from the Parish Council meeting at the Parish Hall

Recognition of the wonderful work of the Ladies’ Guild was foremost on the minds of all after the last meeting of the Guild had occurred two days previously.  At this meeting Nell Bradbury presented a selection from Guild material over the years which all enjoyed.

The Parish owes a great debt to the Guild for many reasons including the way in which the members have supported Church mission and social activities and raised substantial amounts of money to maintain the Church.  A stage had been reached where it was difficult to fill the leadership positions on the Guild.  The Parish Councillors thanked the Guild for their excellent contribution to the life of the Mansfield Parish.

The main purpose of the Parish Council meeting was to consider the calendar for 2019.  This is particularly important as the Parish Council will need to assume the responsibility for organising the functions previously undertaken by the Guild.  As soon as these dates are decided they will be sent to all in the Parish.  It is hoped that many members of the Parish will be prepared to help with the planned activities. 

A garden party is being planned to celebrate the completion of the renovations to the rectory.  Details will be out soon.

Church services for Christmas 2018

Monday, 24th December, Christmas Eve:
 5.00pm Ecumenical Service (Eucharist)
 St. Patrick’s Bonnie Doon

 7.30pm Christmas Eve Eucharist
  St. Peter’s Jamieson

 11.30pm Festival Eucharist with Carols
  St. John’s Mansfield

Tuesday, 25th December, Christmas Day
 9.30am Festival Eucharist
 St. John’s Mansfield

The Parish Council wishes you all the blessing and joy of Christmas.

Trish Gilson
For Parish Council