November 2019 Snippets from the Parish Council meeting.


In part, our Parish Council meeting of 14th November was preparing for the Annual Meeting on 17th November; however other issues of importance were discussed. Some property issues from the previous meeting have been resolved. The repointing of the brickwork at St. Peter’s Jamieson and the rendering of the façade have been done. Painting of the exterior woodwork of St. John’s is underway at the moment. Tenants have now moved into the Rectory and a few minor jobs have been completed there.

Our use of electronic media, especially our need to be more active in social media to promote our message and activities, has been on our minds for a while. Gilli Bruce has generously taken on the role of Electronic Communications Manager for which we are very grateful. Activities are being planned to help us become more aware of the possible uses of the technology and we are looking for opportunities to upgrade our skills. Social media is the method of communications for so many now and we must make use of it. Any help from you would be most welcome. Contact Gilli at

Sue McGorlick, our treasurer, and Father Paul are looking at ways to reach newcomers to the district in order to make them aware of the Parish, but also to help them develop links within the community. If you know of any newcomers who might be interested in a visit, please contact Father Paul on a Thursday when he is working at St John’s (0467 682 036). We discussed the need to be more active in Mansfield’s pastoral or social activities. It is recognised that so many members of the Parish community are actively engaged in the community; however a better Church involvement should be our endeavour.

The Melanesian Brothers will join us on the 22nd December for the Festival of Lessons and Carols. This will be held at 4pm with nibbles and drinks. All are welcome. This festival is always a wonderful forerunner to Christmas.

We are planning another Progressive Dinner late in February 2020. Ros Adams has offered to have the first course at the Magnolia Tree on the Buller Road. This will be very convenient as it is not far from the Parish Hall where the next course will be held. The date and further details will be available soon.

Helen Jennion, the Warden from Christ Church Bonnie Doon, reported on the meeting held to discuss what progress has been made to make improvements to the fabric of the Church. Local parishioners met to identify repairs needed.

Advent is the beginning of the Christian year – our New Year. It begins on the 4th Sunday before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. It is a time of preparation and waiting for the coming (Adventus) of Christ. We have much to look forward to including the announcement of the name of the new bishop for our diocese and hopefully later the appointment of a new priest to our Parish.

We are blessed by the continued presence of Father Paul Dalzell until after Easter.

Trish Gilson
Member of Parish Council.
21st November, 2019.