OCTOBER 2019 Snippets from the Parish Council meeting


There was much to discuss at the October Parish Council meeting including the forthcoming Annual Meeting of the Anglican Parish, the fete, the planned meeting with the Church community of Christ Church at Bonnie Doon and the progress of our website and Facebook entry.  

The Annual Meeting is on Sunday, 17th November at St. John’s Church at 11am after the 9.30am service.  All parishioners are welcome. If any parishioner wishes to move a motion at the Annual Meeting, it must be lodged in writing (letter or email) to the Parish Secretary, Pat Webb, (patwebb99@gmail.com) by Sunday 10th November. The Annual Meeting papers will be distributed by email during the week after 10th November and be available in hard copy at the meeting.

There will be frenzied activity this week preparing for the fete on Saturday (19th October, 9.30am).  The fete serves two important functions for the Parish.  It offers the Anglican community an opportunity to enjoy time with friends and meet visitors and newcomers to the district within the Church surrounds.  It is an annual event not to be missed. It is also an important fundraiser for the Parish. The stalls will be stocked with cakes and produce, plants, home wares, secondhand books and craft. The much sought-after sheep manure donated by Mark Ritchie will be available.  You will need to be early to buy your share of the 230 bags on offer. Children are catered for with games to occupy them when parents are browsing the stalls.  As well there will be a BBQ and delicious Devonshire teas to enjoy.

There are a number of raffles drawn on the day with the main one offering a great prize of a wheelbarrow full of excellent garden equipment. Our thanks go to Yenckens for supplying the wheelbarrow and to all who filled it with equipment. Offers of help and items for sale are most welcome.  Please contact Ann Herbert (Ph. 5775 1689) with any queries.  Come and share a most enjoyable morning with the Parish.

On Sunday, 13th October, seventeen people gathered after the service at Christ Church, Bonnie Doon to discuss the future of that Church. Helen Jennion made calls and put posters around the town and further afield to make people aware of the meeting.  Amongst the group were four Parish Councillors and Father Paul Dalzell. The discussion centred on two issues: the attendance numbers at the Church and the need for and cost of maintenance to the Church building and other improvements.

At the moment there are up to six people who regularly attend the monthly services at the Church. Two are from the Uniting Church in Mansfield and come to Bonnie Doon for the service. Another two have their property on the market and plan to leave Bonnie Doon. Others from the group attend services at times.

The discussion was very constructive and cordial.  Some expressed the view that the community wishes to maintain the Church building as it had been part of the local landscape for a long while.  They acknowledged the cost of this, especially as the Church needed wombat proofing and a ramp at the front door. An agreement was reached about the way forward in the short term.  The group will set up a committee that will include Jim Freemantle from the Parish Council to examine the viability of the Church with an eye to using local labour and expertise to address maintenance problems. This group will report their findings to Parish Council by December 1st this year.  They would then work on implementing their plan over the next 12 months and report back to Parish Council. The group has access to relevant financial and other data to help with their discussions.  The issue of improving Church attendance needs to be part of the plan.

Gilli Bruce welcomes any suggestions about content for our website (www.mansfieldanglicanparish.com.au) and linked Facebook page. We are interested in hearing of any newcomers to the area who might be interested in some of the parish activities and Church services.  If you know of anyone who would like more information please direct them to Pat Webb (04324 1120), Secretary of Parish Council or to the website.

From matters arising from our previous meeting, we are pleased to report that a new mower has been purchased.  Money for this has come from interest earned on a trust fund.  Jim Freemantle and Neville Mathieson have looked into repointing of brickwork at St Peter’s Jamieson and the purchase of a new cross for the tower at St. John’s.

As the Parish will continue without a permanent priest for a while because of the lack of available candidates, the Parish Council decided to rent out the Rectory for six months.  This has been achieved to the great satisfaction of both the Church and the couple who have leased the house. Our thanks to Lisa Davies of Mansfield Real Estate for her work in this regard.

Remember yet another event, the Devonshire tea and book sale morning on Saturday 2nd November.

Trish Gilson
Parish Council
15th October 2019